Block Paving Sealant: trade & diy Sealant for Block Paving imageBlock Paving Sealant: trade & diy Sealant for Block Paving image

Block Paving Sealant and Block Paving Sealant materials from Smartseal 

Once any form of block paving has been laid the application of block paving sealant is the best way to reduce maintenance and protect from deterioration caused by the weather.

The application of block paving sealant offers protection from loss of colour from UV light and seals the surface thereby inhibiting algae, weeds, staining, moss and general wear caused by vehicle traffic.

Smartseal's block paving sealant is available in 5 litre and 25 litre drums for trade and DIY with quantity discounts given on larger orders. Alternatively take a look at our DIY project kits which are supplied with everything required for a professional block paving sealant application.

Smartseal also supply block paving sealant application tools, cleaning materials and safety wear required. For all first time block paving sealant customers we supply a easy to follow step by step guide. Technical support is always available on 0845 618 2770 or via our online form

short demonstration video of block paving sealant being applied can be seen here.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Block paving sealant is manufactured as a clear, UV light resistant material which will  penetrate the surface of concrete pavers.

PURPOSE: Smartseal block paving sealant will enhance and protect the colours  of the paving and create a barrier to staining and growth. The block paving sealant will also solidify the jointing sand which will greatly reduce erosion.

Block Paving Sealant Special Properties

  • Oil resistant
  • Enhanced colours
  • UV light resistant
  • Reduces algae, lichen
  • Easy maintainance
  • Solidifies jointing sand
  • Simple application
  • Inhibits weed growth

See information regarding Preparation, Application and Maintenance of Block Paving via these links. For further information on block paving sealant call us on 01268 722500 or fill in our online form