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Why Smartseal Sealant?

Smartseal are the UK leading trade and diy supplier of block paving sealant. All sealant products are manufactured to ISO 9001 & BS5750 standard. Smartseal block paving sealant is manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials and strictest manufacturing process combined with over 18 year experience working with the products.


  • Plant and Equipment + manufacturing capability
  • Industry leading plant and equipment used for processing sealant
  • 2000 ltr batches means greater control on production volumes and quality
  • Automated drum filling = accurate measuring
  • 10,000 ltr per day production capability
  • Spares package reduces downtime


 Quality Control

  • All sealent is manufactured to an ISO 9001 quality management system
  • All batch cards are strictly adhered to, and raw materials picked for production are double checked as part of the quality process
  • QA process requires a series of quality checks prior to materials cleared for distribution
  • Retained samples are kept for a period of 2 years


All staff have undertaken appropriate training and are qualified to operate plant and equipment  

Raw Materials  

  • Working closely with World renowned chemical companies has ensured that only the highest quality raw materials are used
  • Over 18 years of experience of the products used
  • Our purchasing criteria is based on quality and service and not price


Finished Product 

  • Our product, process and ingredients knowledge ensures we are best placed to deal with all customer service enquiries
  • Accepted as the industry leading quality product by the quality client bank
  • Used on many high profile commercial projects on a repeat basis


 For further information on our block paving sealant call us on 01268 722505 or fill in our online form